Thursday, July 9, 2009

pink beer?

well, wednesday we left for our 8-day excursion to western denmark, sweden, and finland.
we're hitting up skanderborg, aalborg, stockholm, helsinki, and turku.
we will be attending two overnight ferry cruises which also have saunas and viking buffets on board.
we will also be visiting ikea in stockholm.
the weather has been nice and sunny and warm for the most part, so i'm crossing my fingers that the rain and the cold doesn't come out to play any time soon.

wednesday we left for western denmark at 7:00am sharp and went to skanderborg where we went to a metal manufacturer, a church with a cemetery around it, and also a veneer manufacturer.  after a long day of picture taking and sketching and walking, we finally made it to our hostel destination in the middle of the woods.  it was really pretty because it was surrounded by a lake and lots of trees, so the nature was beautiful and it was nice to just take it all in.  we got served with a most delicious dinner, with delicious dessert that followed, and proceeded to have a camp fire with many drinks and laughs and again, more pictures (some with our teachers).  such a long day.

thursday morning (today) we woke up early and again, had a most amazing breakfast, made our lunches, and got on the road again.  we went to a danish art museum that featured a bunch of chairs that we've been studying, a university, townhall in aalborg, and again, another church.  we got to go on top of the townhall where the bell tower was, and we also met the mayor.  many more pictures and sketches were taken and drawn, and we ended up the night driving to our hostel and watching a danish film.  this hostel was again by water, and we were served another amazing dinner, with more amazing dessert, and we ended up walking to a bar about half an hour away from our hostel with our teachers where me and allegra had pink beer.  yup, that's right, we had raspberry belgium pale ale beer and it was amazing.  

by this time tomorrow we will be in stockholm sweden.  we have an early breakfast, then we jump on the bus a couple hours to get to our ferry, and then take our ferry to sweden.  once we get in sweden we will be going to a furniture showroom, dinner with the 'a' team, and then we have the night to ourselves to go explore.  

i can't believe that already tomorrow i'm going to be in sweden, and then two days later i'll be in finland.  it's such an unreal feeling that i'm going to three countries within three days.  so much to do and we still have six more days left on this adventure.  i am honestly having the time of my life seeing all that i see, meeting new people and having new friends, and just being in europe is such an unbelievable and exciting journey.  there will be more to come, but i must head off to bed because again, i have to be up in about less than six hours.  this waking up business does not fly with me, but i know as soon as my head hits the pillow i will be out.  early morning and long days, along with long nights has been crazy, but it's been worth every minutes.  i miss all my friends and i miss my boo, but i'll be back in 43 days.  it is going to go by so fast (for me at least), and before you know it, i'll be back in all your lives.  miss you all!


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