Friday, July 10, 2009

"interesting fact, we are on a bridge."

so today we arrived in stockholm, sweden after riding in a bus for nine hours, a ferry for two hours, and spending one hour in a showroom. we did get to eat at a huge, fancy manor house with some delicious shrimp and salmon for food. it was a nice surprise. the food has been very much appreciated on the trip so far. tomorrow is going to be a busy day as we are going to take the train around stockholm to see a couple showrooms, a culture house, the city library, a museum, and an old city church. we also get to meet up with the 'b' team which will be nice to see those people on the 'other' side again. another thing that i've been impressed with is the hostels that we are staying in. i will be posting pictures when i get back to copenhagen, as i was not smart enough to think to bring along my connector for my camera to start uploading pictures; as there will be hundreds and possibly thousands of pictures to update. i was, however, a smart one to bring along my computer to at least gain internet access, and also i brought along my pillow, in which many are upset/jealous. what can i say, i'm one smart cookie.. sometimes.

but overall, this trip has been absolutely amazing. one more night in stockholm, off to helsinki by ferry for a couple days, back to stockholm for a couple days, and then finally back to copenhagen. it'll be nice to finally get back to my room, relax, get everything back in order, and then get started on my project. i am also excited to get back and hopefully get some nice, warm copenhagen weather that we had before we left. well i should probs get off seeing as i am next in line for the shower, and i have to be up early, once again. so long, farewell, and i will see those in the states in 42 days. not like i'm counting down or anything.


ps. i read your card every night before i fall asleep...

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