Thursday, July 16, 2009

home sweet home copenhagen.

last night we finally arrived back in denmark, after traveling from finland, to sweden, to denmark within 24 hours. quite a feat, i must say. all thanks to jasper, bus driver extrodinaire.

stockholm was pretty amazing, we got to walk around the city and do some exploring by public transportation. later that night we went out with some 'b' team members to a local bar, met some local swedes, almost got into a fight with the local swedes, and then finally made it in for the night. the next day we were off to a huuuuge cemetary, a modern museum, an architecture museum, and then a viking museum. let me tell you, the viking museum was the most impressive and fun, probs just because we didn't have to worry about design or architecture anymore, even though i did point out some interesting points about the architecture of the building. they had some bones and skeletons there, and that deff. interested me the most there. after all the museums, it was off to our first over night ferry/viking cruise. we spent hours on the top deck just watching the scenery pass out, enjoyed the wonderful weather, and finally made it to open waters. after taking a shot with our teachers of oringinal BLĂ… (a vodka with a strong hint of menthol, disgusting), we went downstairs to get ready for our huge viking buffet, where the wine was on tap and unlimited, enjoyed the house wine, went to open mic night and got a few more drinks from the boys, went to the dance floor, and danced the night away.

the next morning was an early one, but the day was totally worth it. we got to visit alvar aalto's home and studio/office, and ended the day looking at showrooms around helsinki with more aalto furniture. we checked in to our HOTEL in helsinki which was absolutely amazing, and it was the first time i had seen a bath tub since i left the states. allegra, brekke, and i ended up going to dinner at a place called 'amarillo' which was a very americanized restaurant. felt nice to kind of feel 'at home.'

the next morning was another early one, we went to an auditorium, hvittrask (the home and studio of eliel saarinen), paimio (the tb sanatorium designed by aalto), and ended the day at korhonen (another furniture manufacturer). we then checked into our second over night ferry/viking cruise, ate our last viking buffet, and i ended up going to bed early because i had been feeling sick all day. which i'm glad i did because i felt better the next day, but i did miss out on my teachers dancing that night. oh well, i at least got to see the videos and pictures of it.

finally, our last early morning (aka 5:30am), we drove a total of 10 hours on wednesday, made a two hour pit stop at ikea where we saw part of their testing site, part of their prototype site, and then finally the museum. we made it back to copenhagen at 7:30pm, where i just immediately wanted to get 'home,' eat some dinner, so some laundry, upload my pictures, and then get to bed. i'm glad i got to talk to you before bed last night, it's so good to hear your voice...

today we have class for a few hours, then i need to go 'home' and work on my paper, clean my room, do some more homework, and then a bunch of us are going to the midnight viewing of harry potter here in copenhagen. well, i better head out of here so i can finish getting ready for class. hope this update was enough to keep you all entertained. pictures will be uploaded onto my facebook sometime soon, so check there in the next day or so. i'll be back in a few days, don't miss me too much, 36 more days until i'm back in the states.


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