Sunday, July 5, 2009

i guess it's time..

so i've been in europe for over a week now.  i flew out of chicago friday night, june 26th and left someone behind that i wish i didn't have to...  but so far, europe has been amazing.  it has been everything i thought it would be, and more.

saturday afternoon, june 27th, i arrived in london, england around 12:00pm. being there was just a surreal feeling, just knowing that i was in another country, away from family and friends, and about to have the time of my life.  after getting my luggage, taking a train and a taxi out to my cousin, and dropping off my luggage at her place, we immediately went to go sight seeing since i didn't' have that much time there.  in about three-four hours out in london, we saw wesminster abbey, big ben, the eye, tower of london, tower bridge, and oxford street.  walking around in london was just amazing to me, just all the architecture, the environment, the people, it was all just a whole new experience.  i'll admit it, my favorite part was while i was on the tube, i sat a crossed from two asians who had the thickest british accents ever, and i was loving every second of it, so cute.  i thought chicago downtown was busy, but i was quite shocked to see all the people in london.  i'm glad i wasn't the only tourist taking pictures at everything.  after walking around to all the places in london, we went back to her flat to meet up with some of her friends, and then we went out to go to a pub (that didn't serve food after 7pm, strange), so we went to a thai place instead.  by that time, it was around 11pmish and although i wanted to go out, i knew it probs wasn't the best idea since i had to be up at 4am to walk back to the train to catch my 7am flight to copenhagen, denmark.  so we called it a night and i couldn't sleep at all that night because i was nervous, excited, and ready to be in denmark.  after almost missing my train at paddington station, i made it to the airport, buy my london shot glass, get on my two hour flight, and arrive in copenhagen, denmark, where it was 80 degrees, warm, and sunny.  such a pleasant surprise.

my first experience in copenhagen wasn't the greatest only because my taxi to my hostel was around $50, which anywhere i go in chicago is no more than $20, so i wasn't expecting that.  at this point of arriving to my hostel, i just wanted to take a breather and relax for a bit.  my hostel room has eight beds, so i claim a top bunk, rest for about an hour, and then go out exploring around the city.  and i was surprisingly shocked at what i was seeing.  again, the architecture of the city was amazing, the people, my surroundings, just everything.  i lived right by the harbour, i was a two minute walk away from this amazing place called tivoli, and about a five minute walk from the city center.  i walked up and down the main shopping street and then headed back to the hostel for a nap. after that i did more walking around, down by the harbour, and just took it all in, and was being just another tourist, taking pictures, of everything.  the next day, i did more walking around the harbour, more exploring in the city, found out where my school was, where the central (train) station was, read my book down by the harbour while the sun was setting (ps, the sun sets around 1030pm here, and it still doesn't really get dark until about midnightish or so), and ended my day listening to open mic night at my hostel while enjoying a $10 glass of wine.  one of the songs the guitarist played was 'sweet home chicago' and it brought a tear to my eye.  crazy.
after that night, i went to the airport to meet up with some people flying in for the program, went back to the city for orientation, and had another walking tour around the city.  it's just, so unreal that i'm here, seeing all of these amazing buildings and architecture, and i still pinch myself to make sure i'm not in a dream or anything.  the next few days went by so fast.  

tuesday = orientation, city walk, and then we went to our kollegiums (dorms).
again, surprised at how nice my room is, where it's located, and how nice everyone is here.

wednesday = introduction to our programs, welcome to copenhagen, the history of copenhagen, and then a boat/canal tour of the city.  again, more picture taken  after the tour, we had to have mexican food, which i spent $30 on, but totally worth every cent/ore.

thursday = field study tours around the city.  we got to see two churches, two manufacturing plants, and a showroom.  more pictures, more mind blowing experiences. so many pictures.

friday = first day of lectures, all day long.  9:00am-5:00pm.  long day, but totally worth it.  after that friends and i went to the opening premiere of 'public enemies' in copenhagen.  totally worth my $15.

saturday = lectures most of the day, 9am-3pm.  we tried our best to find fireworks, but they're illegal in denmark in july because the only time they have them is for new years.  so after that fail, i made dinner with my friend sara and then we headed to the city for drinks on the street.  met up with some friends and went to a few bars, and then headed down to the harbour to finish our last beers and just relax.

today, sunday the 5th is our first day off, so we all decided to just sleep in and relax for a bit.  in a little bit i will eat my frosties (frosted flakes) with 1.5% milk, take a shower, and then we are off to our first museum in the city.  

i have made so many new friends already, and i'm sure there is only so many more to come.  i have also taken so many pictures, and i'm scared to show them all in fear that you will all get sick of them/jealous that i am here.  haha.  but alas, i will probs post most of them on my book of faces, so have a look there.  i could go on forever and ever about everything so far, and could go into so much detail about what i've all seen so far, but that would probs be boring for most of you.  this post has already been long because it's of the past week, but i promise it won't be this long next time around.  i'll post pictures to give you highlights of my days and whatnot.  tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, which we only have class 9am-11am, so we plan on celebrating it the rest of the day.  ha.  wish you could be here with me for it, but it won't be long until i'm back now... wednesday we leave for our 8 day study tour to west denmark, sweden, and finland.  not sure how much internet access i'll have, and i deff won't have phone access, but i'll update as much as possible so i can make most of you jealous of where i've been and where i'm going.  well i should probs end it here on that note, i'll be back in the states in approximately 47 days, so don't you miss me too much, i'll be back before you know it and then you'll hate having me around.  i will say this, the seven hour time distance will take some time getting used to, but it hasn't been terrible so far because i still have internet to keep in touch with most of you, and i still get to hear your voice almost every day now... well, everyone, i hope you enjoyed your fourth of july in the states, and i am sure you will hear from me soon.  i miss you all, and i will be back in a few weeks, but for the time being, i am enjoying every second i am here and will never forget this once in a life time chance that i have over here.  

the end.

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