Monday, July 6, 2009

double two's.

so today was my twenty second birthday.
and it was deff. all i could ask for and it was so much fun.
i woke up and went to lectures.
ran some errands.
had some amazing pastries and cake with some of my good friends.

went back and took a nap.
worked on homework.
talked to my boy...
and then got ready to go out.
we went to the australian bar.
where the 'a' team proceeded to lose every game in pool.
but that's okay, i got a free drink from the bartender.
and took two shots.
plus a vodka cranberry (classic kim).
and we finished it with food from burger king.
overall, it was so much fun, and i'm glad i have the friends that i do here.
of course, it was a little different being away from all my family and friends and him...
but i made the most of it.
and i'm glad i did.
because it was amazing.
so thank you jerry, ari, nick, christian, sara, and dave.


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