Saturday, January 2, 2010

twenty oh ten.

another year gone by, and many more to go.
two thousand and nine was a good year for many reasons.
and here are some just to name a few:

1. lots of new friends, from all over the country.
2. visited new places, and saw new faces, and had new experiences from all over europe.
3. i met, and kept a very special person dear to my heart and am proud to call him my boyfriend.
4. i kept my old new years resolution by recycling the whole year.
5. i also kept my old new years resolution by participating in two triathlons.
6. my decision for my future has been made, solely based on one of my classes this past semester.
7. i've had the best of jobs in this year, and i wouldn't have it any other way.
8. i did lose one very close friend this year, the closest death to me, which was very hard at the time, but i know that he is in a better place now, and is looking over us all, and due to unfortunate circumstances, it brought a lot of us closer and together.
9. i also did a lot of new things in chicago that i haven't done in the four and a half years that i've been here: shows, second city, double decker bus tour, and lots of new restaurants and bars.

10. and overall, my 2009 year was a good one, i can't complain, and i couldn't ask for anything more or better. i can just look forward to the future and hope for the best.

i have made just a few new years resolutions this year, and a few things i would like to accomplish in the year 'oh ten.'

1. i want to get a set and scheduled work out plan going, so i can get back into shape and stay that way.
2. i want to start writing snail mail, to my friends throughout the country, as a way to stay in touch.
3. i want to travel and vacation to places i've never been.
4. i want to not drink any pop in restaurants, but not cut it out completely, just minimize it greatly.

things to do:
1. compete and complete three triathlons this summer.
2. go sky diving.
3. go to a shooting range.
4. read more books, at least two-three a month.
5. begin to sew again.

and i'm sure many more of both to come.
that is just a start to what i want to do.
i'm going to continue recycling, and continue my education.
i will be graduating in may 2010, which will be a huge accomplishment.
but for now, i need to take each day at a time, which i plan to do.
and i also plan on keeping this more up-to-date.
so good luck everyone, i wish everyone a safe and healthy and happy new year.

<3 kim.

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