Tuesday, September 29, 2009

uhhh yuupz.

so this semester has already been flying by so quickly.
it's almost october and the weather has already changed!
i'm not sure i'm ready for the cold, but i better start with the chilly and take on the cold later.

i've been thinking and contemplating my future lately.
and i think i've finally made a decision to go to law school.
i'm about 85% sure i want it to happen.
i just recently bought my first LSAT book to start studying.
and i signed up for a practice LSAT test this saturday.
i'm just going to go into it not studying just to see how i do.
we'll see how it goes, i get the test scores back the same day.
wish me luck!

to get a jump start on all that, i've been applying to law offices in the city.
i'm hoping to find a legal secretary or assistant or clerk position.
just to get a little insight on the legal world.
see if it's really what i want to get into.
and if it is, what kind of law i want to focus on.
again, wish me luck on landing an interview and a position!

other than that, i've been trying to finish up with this last year in school.
hang out with as many/all my friends as possible.
and spend time with those that matter most to me.

had a mini-road trip to milwaukee this past weekend with joe and will.
got to meet up with some old high school friends, and even a friend i haven't seen in 5 years.
overall it was a good weekend.

next weekend i hope to go to an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch.
i feel like i haven't done that in years.
and i hope it all works out.

well, that's about it for now.
back to school work and staying up way past my bedtime.


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