Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm not ready to leave..

as of tomorrow, friday the 14th, at 7:03pm, i will no longer be a resident of copenhagen, denmark. i will embark on my journey to berlin with christian and nick, and then onto brussles and amsterdam with christian. we will be gone a total of one week, and it's not long enough. only a few days in each places, but hey, i'll take what i can get.

two weeks have gone by again, and i have been busier than ever. spending hours and days in the shop are finally over and i finally have my chair, my pride and joy for this trip. it is all done, finished, complete. the exhibition started yesterday, and there was an amazing turn out of people from all over the place: friends, family, students, teachers, etc. the furniture chairs were deff. the star of the show over the textiles and architecture projects, i hate to say it, but it's the truth. i'm really proud of everyone and way happy of how all the chairs turned out. it just felt nice to not have to stress and worry about everything that i've been stressing about for the past two weeks. now it's just fun times from here on out.

it's such a.. unspeakable feeling of the way i feel about leaving europe right now. i've spent so many hours and days with my friends that i've made here, and it just is difficult to explain how sad i am to leave them. of course we will all be going back to the states, but some of my closest friends live far away from me: colorado and new york. i guess it just gives me more reason to go visit them when i get back, but it'll be weird not seeing them at 7am, and then at wee hours of the night out on the streets of copenhagen. it's going to be a big change going back to the states after this experience, but i'll be okay. i'm ready in a sense to be back to my friends and family and my life in chicago, but i don't want to leave this and leave my friends behind here in denmark. but i guess i have to, the money is running out, school is about to start soon, and everyone else is leaving anyways. this will probs be one of my last posts in europe, unless i get time to update while i'm traveling, but i probs won't get a chance to. so for a final good bye, this is me, kimberly, signing off from europe, over and out.


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